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Producers - Andrew & Karen Sanderson - Ocean Rewards

Andrew Sanderson of Ocean Rewards at Bridlington is a rare breed. He's one of just a handful of licensed shore fisherman who net fish off the Holderness coast in an ancient and unique way not seen anywhere else on British shores. His net is set at right angles to the beach at low tide and he takes off what he catches at the next falling tide some 12 hours later.

Depending on the season, winds and tides it might be sea trout or Dover sole he pulls off the net, or if the tides are running well, it could be sea bass, which is a world of difference from the farmed stuff found in the supermarket. How Andrew fishes is truly sustainable as he puts back fish that are too small so they can swim another day. And the numbers of fish he and his few colleagues land are so small that there is virtually no impact on North Sea stocks. It is that sustainability of wild stocks, plus the local immediacy of the catch that is making Andrew's fish so attractive to Yorkshire chefs. For there's nothing like eating fish that is straight out of the water, straight into the restaurant kitchen and onto the diner's plate.

Whatever the catch, Andrew's wife Karen will be there in support. Karen is also the tutor on Yorkshire Food Finder's Kitchen Social The perfect catch course that provides a fun and informal introduction to dressing crab and lobster and generally getting the best of the catch from Yorkshire's wonderful fishery.

It really is a family business with Andrew and Karen's son fishing for crab and lobster and landing his catch in Bridlington where there is a demand that sees significant tonnages heading for France and Spain for the best restaurants.


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Andrew & Karen Sanderson - Ocean Rewards are involved in the following trails

  • Smoke signals

    The story behind great smoked fish and the ancient unique way it's caught leads to a special showcase menu at the award winning Star @ Sancton.
  • The perfect catch

    Join fishmonger Karen Sanderson for a fun and hands-on introduction to preparing lobster, crab and more for your table
  • Tides of March

    The best of Yorkshire's fishery and other seasonal treats feature on the menu for a five course gourmet dinner prepared by Sue Nelson
  • Tides of March - A Kitchen Social event

    The best of Yorkshire's fishery and other seasonal treats feature on the menu for a five course gourmet dinner prepared by Sue Nelson

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