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Producers - Botton Creamery

The Botton Creamery is flourishing and currently produces superb cheddar and a great range of continental style cheeses – gouda, gouda with herbs, gouda with cumin, a tomme, brie and Swiss mountain. The creamery also makes a natural yoghourt, curd cheese, cream and raw milk. Every drop of milk, produced using organic and bio-dynamic farming methods, comes from Botton Village farms’ Dairy Shorthorn and Ayrshire traditional breed cows.

Cheesemaker Alastair Pearson learned his craft while working in Germany, where his wife comes from. Alastair is a salaried employee at Botton and, with his assistant Eddie, is helped by volunteers and residents at Botton Village. Residents at Botton have learning difficulties and live and work in a supportive environment that allows them to fulfil their potential. Botton Village, located in Danby Dale is pretty much self-sufficient as in addition to the creamery it has a bakery for bread and biscuits, farms that produce meat and vegetables as well as making juices and jams with fruit grown in the village – all using organic and bio-dynamic farming methods. There’s a village store, café and craft workshop too.


Botton Village,
YO21 2NJ

Tel: 01287 661272
Botton Creamery Website

Botton Creamery are involved in the following trails

  • Botton's up!

    Discover Botton Creamery's great cheeses and the Great Yorkshire Brewery's best, then enjoy a tutored tasting before dining in style at The Star Inn 

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