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Producers - Peter Mawson's Farndale Farm

Farmer Peter Mawson is fast gaining a reputation for producing fabulous meat; indeed, meat as it used to be. Whether it is free range pork, dry cured bacon and gammon you can be assured that it is from pigs having a significantly longer life than is the case with animals destined to supply supermarkets. The same can be said for Peter’s hogget. If you are wondering what hogget is, think of meat from a sheep in the second year of its life with lamb being anything younger and mutton anything from a sheep more than two-years-old.


Traditional animals lived longer and were reared less intensively. This with a free-range environment for the pigs and 100% pasture fed sheep mean you will experience meat with a fuller flavour.


You will never find High Farndale meat in a supermarket or even your local butcher as all of Peter’s meat is sold direct from the farm. So it is mail order or a trip to the farm. With the latter in mind, why not try a Loose Birds’ supper club in the Mawson’s fabulous kitchen? 


For the uninitiated Loose Birds’ supper club is casual dining with a meal sourced and cooked by private chef and food stylist Gilly Robinson and Sue Nelson from Yorkshire Food Finder and Yorkshire Food Hero 2016 whose four course put pork on your fork dinners are hosted by High Farndale’s Peter Mawson.


Contact peter Mawson by email or telephone in the first instance

Tel: 01751 430998
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Peter Mawson's Farndale Farm are involved in the following trails

  • Put pork on your fork

    Join us for a special Loose Birds supper club in farmer Peter Mawson's fabulous kitchen and learn about his rare breed pigs and pork as it always used to be 

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