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Culinary Trail - The perfect cure - An introduction to charcuterie

The art of charcuterie is thought to date back to beyond the ancient Egyptians and it’s been used in some form in virtually every culture since. In Britain there’s been a growing interest in how to smoke, salt and cure as more and more people realise that tasty, good quality pancetta, bresaola and chorizo and the like don’t have to be the preserve of Italian delis, good though it is.

Your charcuterie course will be held in the award-winning Star Inn kitchen at Harome near Helmsley and will be led by butchery and charcuterie expert Chris Moorby, who has been invited to run the course by The Star’s chef owner Andrew Pern. Chris has been involved in the meat industry for more than 35 years and over the last 20 has been imparting his vast butchery knowledge to students at Leeds City College. Working with Chris is Rich Summers a butcher with a passion for sharing his craft.

The course will take you through the basics of producing your own charcuterie. You will learn elementary techniques such as curing your own bacon, creating prosciutto and perhaps even making your own piece of bresaolo – but whatever you produce you’ll come away with enough understanding of this ancient craft to be able to experiment at home. Your course finishes with a late lunch, which naturally, will feature rustic charcuterie fare.


Details & Booking



  • Charcuterie course by expert Chris Moorby
  • Take home the fruits of your labour
  • Course notes
  • Further ideas for you to try at home
  • Late lunch featuring Yorkshire charcuterie at The Star Inn, Harome
  • Approximately six hours


£160.00 per person

Mon, 7 Apr 2014

Gather at 09.30am

Mon, 29 Sep 2014

Gather at 09.30am

Producers involved in this trail

Chris Moorby
Charcuterie, an introductory hands-on course in The Star Inn's kitchen in Harome 
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Chefs involved in this trail

Andrew Pern
The Star has consistently received prestigious accolades from industry professionals and is much loved by foodies and locals alike
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